Search Toolbar



1. General overview.



Search Toolbar incorporates all those features you wanted in Internet Explorer but Microsoft forgot to include. Search over 70 websites instantly. Fll in web forms automatically. Get the latest news from hundreds of possible categories and even add your own favorite news sites. Check and access all of your email accounts. Winamp control allows MP3 player integration. Program launcher lets you categorize and launch your favorite programs. Search your Favorites in Internet Explorer.


2. Installation.


Download Search Toolbar at and save setup file SearchToolbarV1.EXE to your hard drive.

Execute setup file after download is finished.

Set up new installation folder if needed. After installation is complete Search Toolbar will automatically be shown in Internet Explorer.



If you don't see Search Toolbar or if you need to hide it temporary, go to the Internet Explorer toolbar and click View.


To show Search Toolbar in the windows taskbar you need to check Search Toolbar. In case that toolbar is not visible, try to resize the height of Microsoft Explorer taskbar. Using the mouse, drag the margin of the taskbar to the top until you see Search Toolbar.




Search Toolbar can be also placed as the docking window at the top of your desktop. You can do this by dragging Search Toolbar from the bottom taskbar to the top of the screen. Next right click while on the toolbar and set Auto-Hide and Always on top properties.



3. Features


Search Toolbar has several features that surfers need everyday such as search, form filler and popup killer.



List of features:

1. Quick search with more than 70 search engines.

2. View latest news collected and categorized from more than 3,000 sites.

3. Add your own favorite news sites.

4. Check email inbox and show new messages.

5. Kill web popup windows.

6. Form fill automatically fills any web forms.

7. Program launcher easily executes your favorite programs from Internet Explorer.

8. Control your Winamp player from Internet Explorer.

9. Search Toolbar also incorporates many useful services such as, a calculator, unit conversion, money exchange, find words, temperatures...


4. Configuration

Search Toolbar can be configured from the Default menu.


Click on Configure... to show the configuration form.















The first tab is Register. Users that like Search Toolbar can easily buy it. Click Purchase Here to go to our registration webpage and follow the instructions. Afterwards you will receive an email that contains your name, email and registration code. Copy that information one by one into the Register panel and click confirm. Upon completion and entry of a valid code your Registration code will be hidden and you will never need to register again. If you get an error please double check that all of your information, including your registration code, was entered correctly.



















The Defaults tab is reserved for default searches and toolbar panels. The Defaults search engine is useful when you work with more than one search; you do not need to retype queries. Upon installation, Google is set as the default search engine. In the Internet Explore toolbar and in the Stand Alone Program you can show/hide the toolbar as desired.



















The Searches tab stores a list of all your searches by categories, shortcuts and descriptions. Users can set shortcuts for each search and move them in different categories.

In Display Search Results users can set up how the searches will be displayed when the queries are typed in the Stand Alone version or from the taskbar. Internet Explorer will always open sites in the current window.


Many searches can be changed, if you find some searches that do not work, please contact us.
















The Email tab is reserved for checking email. In this tab users can list all the email addresses that Search Toolbar will automatically check for new emails.

By default emails are checked every 30 minutes.

The Execute field is set to Microsoft Outlook Express, but this can be changed.



















The News tab can be cutomized to check for news specifically in your areas of interest. The list of categories is received from There are more that 385 categories to choose from. Moreover's information is collected from over 3,000 core and custom-targeted online sources. Automatic updates as often as every 15 minutes.

User can show all news categorized or just select specific categories. Once a mounth users can refresh categories from















Program Launcher


The Program Launcher tab can set a list of program groups and program executeables on each group. Users can also add programs by drag and drop shortcuts or from Internet Explorer to Search Toolbar and then choose a category.


















Form Filler


The Form Filler tab is used to create identities for the internet. One identity contains all the information about each person.


Users just need to fill in all fields once and later select an identity to automatically fill web forms.




5. Uses.


1. Quick search with more than 70 search engines.


The basic concept of each quick search is to type a shortcut of a search followed by a query. Search Toolbar automatically parses the string and executes the query. From the query edit box, users can search or run different commands such as, which can be found in favorites.


To find out more information about each command see the shortcut in menu Search and type "? shortcut"

where shortcut = shortcut of interested search or command.


? g

shows how to use Google search.


Search command also has additional parameters such as language translation or categories for Vivisimo.


If you typed a query for a search on Google, for example, and afterwards you need to send the same query to yahoo just select yahoo from the menu and replace the old shortcut with the new one.



2. View latest news collected and categorized from more than 3,000 sites.

To see the latest news just select a category and see news that is updated every 15 minutes. All news comes from, if you check user defined news sites you will open just that site, such as



3. Add own news sites.

   See configuration panel on news tab to see how to add news sites.


4. Check email inbox and show new messages.

Search Toolbar will check your inbox according to the frequency you set, the default frequency is every 30 minutes; the minimum is every 1 minute and the maximum is every 60 minutes. To add an email click on the Configuration panel then the email tab. When Search Toolbar checks your email it doesn't remove messages from the server, it just checks the number of emails in your box. Usually mail programs retrieve emails and then deletes them from the server.


5. Kill web popup windows and save bandwidth.

Popup killer is designed to prevent pop-up and banner ads from downloading regardless of the browser you use. Popup killer will stop nearly all popups. Popup killer reduces the annoying clutter you see on many web sites, and because less is downloaded, your browsing speed improves.

The basic idea of popupkiler is simple, it doesn't open any new windows until the page is downloaded. If you need to open a link that popupkiller blocked you can hold CTRL to open any window. You also can tell how many windows were blocked by a tone that sounds when pop-up killer blocks pop-ups.



6. Form fill is a very powerful feature that can fill any web forms.

Form filler is the most useful item that Search Toolbar has. Users only need to complete our forms once and after that Form filler will automatically fill in all forms with the correct information.



7. Program launcher easily executes your favorite programs from Internet Explorer.

Execute your favorite programs right from Internet Explorer, taskbar or stand alone version. There are two ways to add Programs, from the configuration panel or drag and drop over the Search Toolbar link of that program and choose category. Categories can be added from the Configuration panel. Each category can have its own icon for recognition when the captions are off.


8. Winamp control controls your Winamp player from Internet Explorer.

Search Toolbar has incorporated a control bar for the most popular mp3 player, Winamp. From the mp3 menu you can control Winamp: show/hide, back, play/pause, stop, next.


9. Web services.

Search Toolbar has many extra features, such as a calculator, unit conversion, money exchange, find words, temperatures...

For more information please refer to the Search menu.